Our Mission

The society envisions to rise as an educational hub for all disciplines whilst setting novel standards of excellence in teaching and methodology.

Our Vision

To produce leaders, entrepreneurs, winners and achiever in the global world. We are Committed to carry on Indian values and ethics while imparting quality technical education adopting pragmatic techniques.

Chairman's Message

VISAKHA TECHNICAL CAMPUS is one of the leading educational institutions in Visakhapatnam. We believe that creating an academic foundation for social, cultural, scientific, economic and technological development in our Nation can mature into Global Interface by giving way to education exchange in the International territory as well. We aim at establishing bench marks in academic excellence and holistic grooming to help our students to meet the career challenges in the increasingly globalized economic conditions. Thus, VTEC has earned goodwill by our students and society at large.


VTEC is a KNOWLEDGE HUB , which helps the students to build a strong foundation for their innovative future in their respective field. It is dedicated to provide students with an exceptional infrastructure for learning as well as facilities for simplifying the procurement of fundamental skills.


Every college student waits with bated breath for that time of the year when they can break out of their monotonous routines and study schedules and instead, focus on honing their other talents and skills through extra-curricular activities.
VTEC hosts annual cultural fests where students from other colleges are invited, there are several competitions and platforms to showcase singing, dancing, arts and other skills that students have developed and there is some great food to indulge in.